Dr Sharad Kedia

What Treatment Follows?

How to get an appointment??

> Fix an appointment and our executive will call you (if you fix it by email) or directly over the call.

>We would need the reports of all your previous consultations and investigations via whatsapp.

>A video call consultation will take place as Dr Sharad Kedia will call you at the scheduled time and prior information for the same will be given for the same on your whatsapp.

>All the communication will take place over whatsapp only whether it's your prescriptions or other added guidance like exercises and patient education material in forms of pictures, videos or demonstrations.

>Re-consultation time will be mentioned on the prescription itself.

Points to be noted!

> No form of recording of the consultation will be done by the patient and/or relatives.

>Requests for refunds will not be entertained in any case, once the consultation schedule has been fixed.

>In case, the consultation is not conducted by the patient’s side, only one more chance will be given. Our executive will inform you of the same via whatsapp only.

>All the documents related to the patients such as prescriptions and other materials will be provided to you within 60 minutes. Please calm down!!

>Minor queries will be answered over whatsapp.

>In case, the patient has an allergy, inform us beforehand.

>If any allergic reactions take place due to a prescribed drug, please “stop the concerned drug” and immediately rush to the nearest hospital!!

>Every consultation is pre-charged and any urgent consultation will be charged separately.