Dr Sharad Kedia

Musculoskeletal Problems

The rush in the 21st century has made us “living machines” and at the end of each day, we get low back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, abdominal pain, knee pain, thigh pain and leg pain. But you need not stay in the same condition. Just make a call and a precise diagnosis for your problem.

Neurological Problems

Our brain works recklessly coordinating with our body to operate our lives. But disorders like stroke, paraplegia, cerebral palsy, developmental disorder and learning disorder impair one’s life. Book an appointment now and get the best guidance for your problem.

Rheumatological Problems

As we care for our vehicles and put them into service, our body needs services too. ‘Cause all our joints are worn out with the moving passage of time and not taking care of them leads to disorders like RA, SpA and arthritis affecting our daily routine. You’re just a click away to get your hassle-free daily life back!! Book your appointments now!!

Chronic Pain

Old is gold?? Not always!! Old pains which have been chronic by now create baffles in one’s life. The more you delay, the more untreatable it becomes. Book an appointment now and get rid of it to have a smooth functioning.

ENT Patients

Feeling off balance?? Or getting dizzy spells?? That’s vertigo!! It might get you tinnitus or hearing loss. We would help you by training your other senses to compensate for your vertigo.

Make a call to reduce your recurrent bouts of vertigo.


Your child is not just blood and or organs but a whole new life you’ve created. None of the situations can deteriorate your love for the baby even if it’s premature birth, cerebral palsy, juvenile RA, developmental disorder or learning disorder. Book an appointment now and know what’s best for your baby.


Some events leave their impressions on our lives forever!! Shatters people physically and emotionally!! Mastectomy and lymphoedema do the same. Neither we can hold onto such things nor simply let those slide us into negativity. Press the button below to get your normal life on!! ‘Cause, you deserve it!!


Being a mother is an unbeatable experience but the process turns extremely painful sometimes and complicates your sexual life. Disorders like congestive dysmenorrhea i.e. painful periods, pre or post-delivery LBP or sex and coitus-related issues can take over. Hit the button below, book an appointment and get the best consultation for yourself.